Teardown And Consult Services

Including Third party MRO, End of lease support and APU Changes


Northern Aerotech is offers aircraft teardown and disassembly services.

Each job is completed by our highly skilled team of engineers, using every available documentation such as Maintenance Manual, Illustrated Parts Catalog and Component Maintenance Manuals as their guides. This way, parts are removed correctly and properly cataloged. Swiftly and efficiently. 

Engines, APU, landing gear, flight controls – whatever components you need will be identified, tagged, and packaged to your specifications and outlined in a daily report.

Northern Aerotech is able to come to your selected location using our full scope EASA Part145 approved Deployable Line Station (DLS) or offer to perform the job at a dedicated location in one of our partnering airports.


With more than 30% of an airline’s total revenue, directly or indirectly, channelled to maintenance of their fleet, we are turning the tables and offering our customers an in depth look at their maintenance department from a different perspective.

With a unique consultancy service, we offer our vast experience and distinct ability to adapt to market changes. By tailoring individual and flexible solutions, we help give airlines a competitive advantage in the ever changing aviation market. Optimizing in-house technical departments and reducing EU261 costs.

Our expert teams are handpicked for each project. We will work closely with you every step of the way to transform the way your maintenance is carried out. Cutting costs, while optimizing processes, with the ultimate aim of reaching maximum flexibility, while maintaining the highest standards.


There are just as many benefits to using a 3rd party MRO, as there is to having your own in-house technical team. The decision by Airlines, whether to use in-house or 3rd party maintenance, is often based on feelings and tradition, rather than cost efficiency and financial analysis.
Northern Aerotech can assist Airlines in turning the tables by presenting a different perspective on how maintenance is carried out. Through an in depth look at the maintenance department or provider, we can help you find ways to optimize your maintenance activities.
We offer contract review, proposed changes and implementation for the agreed changes for both in-house technical departments, as well as for 3rd party MROs.
We can support your company in the transition to and from a 3rd party MRO, step-by-step from the decision to the day-to-day management and performance of technical tasks during operation.
Would you like to optimize your technical department, or are you considering making use of a 3rd party offer? Contact us and let us assist you in making the right decision for your company.


Control the process. 

Northern Aerotech supports airlines with end of lease check and transitioning.

We offer our partners a smooth and organised transition with a structured reporting every step of the process.

Services include, but are not limited to:

      • Full engine BSI (Borescope Inspection)
      • Engine / APU replacement
      • Conservation Storage and parking
      • Consulting
      • Manpower


Northern Aerotech offers engine and APU change at your location. Whether you are AOG due to unforeseen reasons such as birdstrike, FOD etc. Or any other reason, we are able to provide the needed support.
For most locations, our fleet of full scope, already approved, Deployable Line Stations (DLS) are ready to drive to the destination of your choice.


Our full scope, no limitations, line stations on wheel – already audited and approved by the CAA – standing by and ready to be sent anywhere in the world.